Entrance spring flowers

Spring time in the Pyrenees

Its Spring time in and around Gite Colombe des Bois. Work in the garden has just started and some of the winter work is paying off now. We have enjoyed some beautiful sunny and warm days of late and the plants and animals are so pleased to see spring. The dawn chorus is so deafening, I literally have to get up and see what all the fuss is about. I wonder if Could record it?

The Wisteria breaking out into blossom, smells amazing I wish I could bottle it up and save it for later in the year. When the blooms have finished. The Magnolia is in full bloom now. A real show stopper in the garden this spring. Tulips, Hellebores, Daffs and Iris have all opened up. I have a few helpers in the garden too, feathered variety. Who help to clean up the beds and keep me company.
Springtime Wisteria white Spring time magnolia  Cute fluffy chick Spring views from the Balcony







Our latest little ducklings have arrived just in time for the sunshine. Lily our mummy duck has hatched off 4 of these little ones and they are so cute.


The Spring mornings are so clear, views from the gite Balcony are beautiful.

This winter the children created a new fairy garden. Adding the secret doors and odd ornaments bought at the local troc (junk shop). It didn’t look much then but really is lovely now at the entrance of the property.

The secret fairy garden is really coming to life with the spring flowers and green ferns. Its truly magical…

The secret fairy gardenSpring Cake








I am a big baker and most days have a bake in the oven for the family. No Springtime is complete without the homemade family chocolate cake, its one of our favourites and the recipe is top secret too!

Spring sunshine will continue for a while yet. Its one of our favourite seasons here in the Pyrenees to discover not just what is in our garden but outside the gates too….

Spring Flowers

Easter egg hunt

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