Local Area


Gite Colombe des Bois is situated in the quiet commune of Estadens in the foothills of the French Pyrenees. A place where you can step outside, take a breath and switch off from it all.

The local Village of Aspet is just 5km away, where you will find all the supplies you need. Visit the local produce and artisanal market and support many local small businesses at the same time. Take time to sit in the cafe and watch the world go by.

Known as the gateway to the mountains, Aspet is the last stop to pick up your supplies for lunch before hitting the mountains. It is also the last chance for fuel and a bank, so fill up as you pass through.

The Locals

Aspet and the surrounding mountain villages are tight communities, which are widely supportive of each other promoting all the sporting activities run by locals. They are extremely welcoming to visitors, new faces and tourism that supports their small towns and villages. Happy to share their way of life here, and the history behind their communities. The Pyreneans have many stories to be told for anyone wanting to listen.

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