Water Sports

Water Sports

If water sport is your thing, then come and swim in the rivers and surf the rapids here in the Pyrenees.

Fun for all the family, you can experience;

Canoe: Travel downriver at your own speed in your own boat.

Canyoning: Jumping, sliding, swimming but also walking across the rocks. Then descend down the waterfalls into beautiful turquoise pools.

Rafting: In boats of up to 8 guests, with a guide, take a trip down river and enjoy the slow river and fast rapids.

Hydro-speed: Wearing fins and protection, and taking a floating platform, travel downstream surfing the rapids.

Speleologie: Discover hidden treasures in the underwater world by walking and travelling through the caves.

There are bases at Fronsac and Artignac and Lac de Gery 45 minutes away.

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