Coconut shampoo bar

Handmade Soaps and shampoo bars the start…

Before i started making soap i went to a soap producer and asked if could learn the process. In her kitchen i became comfortable with the process and went home to make my own recipes for the family. My son has highly senstitive skin. I origionally wanted to make a soap that nourished his skin and didn’t irritate it.

I thought what a great idea it would be, to be able to offer our guests these gorgeous soaps and shampoo bars during their stay with us. They could also purchase them. Make a perminant change to their purchasing habits at home of shampoos, conditioners and shower gels in plastic bottles.

The Coconut oil shampoo bar recipe for normal hair below is 10 % superfat. It delivers a rich lather, cleans and gently moisturises without leaving hair feeling greasy. There is no need for a seperate conditioner. The shelf life is 1 year, stored in a cool dry environment.

935g coconut oil, 355g distilled water, 150g Lye, (28g fragrance) if using.

Coconut shampoo soap
Coconut Shampoo bar

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