Mourtis Ski Station

Le Mourtis

Le Mourtis is a small, beautiful ski station. It might not be the highest peak in the Pyrenees but it offers its visitors summer and winter activities for all the family. The activities are endless, and you will be rewarded with the breath taking views of the Pyrenees in every direction.


In the summer Le Mourtis opens the slopes to mountain bikers. You can hire scooters or a FatBike and descend to St Beat and get bussed back to the top. There is an orienteering course for all age groups, and frisbee golf.

It’s possible to go up the nursery slopes on the mechanical button lift with a dirt-cart. Then descend down at some speed, speaking from experience. Its great fun.

There are a number of hikes and trails passing through Le Mourtis. On the opposite face is Pic de l’Escalette offering shelter with its refuge if hikers want to experience a night out under the stars.

For those who like heights or a challenge, go Grimping (climbing) up the tall trees and swing amongst the high tops. A truly exhilarating experience.

The Tour de France route passes the nearby Col de Menté. Many visitors and followers camp overnight several days in advance to get the best spot to see the world class cyclists attack one of the most difficult mountain stages.


In the winter months, from December to April, the snowy slopes offer a wonderful skiable area. Le Mourtis has a little bit of everything for all levels and disciplines.

Offering 23 km of skiable slopes from greens to blacks and some alpine tracks too. The area is also equipped with snow cannons.

As well as two ski schools the ESF (Ecole de France) and ESI (Ecole Ski International) there is also a nursery for the under 6’s. Allowing parents enjoy a free morning or afternoon on the slopes.

The new sport to the mountains is Air-board. Whereby you lie on an inflatable board and glide down the slope at some speed!

Local guides can take you for a walk in the winter wonderland on snow shoes, giving you a liberating winter discipline allowing you to really get out there and close to nature. So great family activity to enjoy together.

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