Cabin Walk

Cabin Walk

One of our favourite local walks is to the cabin in a small meadow on a hill above the gite. It is a real treat.

The Cabin

The cabin was built by the commune in 2012 and is open for everyone to use all year round. It has a balcony outside to shelter from the weather as well as table and chairs inside and enough floor space to sleep if you decide.

We visit the cabin regularly and several times a year sleep out under the stars there. The views of the Cagire mountain are particularly nice, and you can see all the way back to the gite.

The Walk

The walk takes you from Gite Colombe des Bois, past the farm in Ceriros, through the woodland, and across the small water source. The track forks left and, following the signpost, you continue up the steeper section through the ancient beech woodland. Passing some interesting rock formations and caves, you climb a bit further and arrive at the clearing. The Cabin is just above at the top of the meadow.


There is a campfire for use to everyone, and is a welcome source of warmth in the winter. We cook local sausage with a simple baguette, and the children love cooking marshmallows over the coals.


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